MyDigiRecords® Receives Sizable Pre-Seed Funding to Launch Innovative Health Records App

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A new health records app, MyDigiRecords, has announced that it has received an undisclosed, sizable pre-seed investment from Terry Dunn. The funds will be used to help commercialize the app, which will enable consumers to directly manage their health records, like immunizations and prescription drugs. The app will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to send notifications and reminders based on guidelines, enabling individuals make better decisions about their health, and ultimately reduce cost to the overall healthcare system.

The current healthcare system is based on fragmented systems that leave individuals with major blind spots in their healthcare, resulting in billions of dollars in medical waste each year due to inefficiency, over-treatment or poor care coordination.

"Patients need easier access to their medical records," says MyDigiRecords founder and CEO, Dr. Saroj Gupta. "They could face life-threatening issues if they miss important vaccinations or erroneously obtain multiple doses because of poor or hard-to-find documentation. We're excited that Terry decided to invest in MyDigiRecords - which will play a big role in driving our mission."

The launch of MyDigiRecords will focus on immunizations with future updates that will allow individuals to also track their medications. The app will provide notifications about proper use, including alerts for when to stop taking the medication to curb overuse. It will leverage AI to identify potential drug interactions as well as schedule appointments with one-click.

"By empowering healthcare consumers with better access to their records, we see a huge opportunity and are excited to be a part of MyDigiRecords growth," says Terry Dunn.

MyDigiRecords plans to reach individuals by partnering with large organizations, like commercial insurance companies, state-based health insurance, and employers along with non-profit organizations to empower individuals to take control of their healthcare and ultimately drive down the cost of healthcare.

Founded in 2022, MyDigiRecords is focused on empowering people to take control of their healthcare by ensuring health information is always within reach. Families can stay up to date with immunizations based on CDC guidelines, manage their medications, get notified of potential medication reactions, and work with their healthcare providers to make informed choices about their health. For more information, visit

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MyDigiRecords is a pioneering global health technology company that provides individuals with secure, centralized access to their medical history to facilitate improved healthcare decisions and promote proactive health management.

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