Launches Advanced LCD Cell Phone Boosters in Spring 2017

The leading distributor of mobile signal boosters,, unveils a new series of devices featuring informative LCD screen

Signal booster with LCD screen

The leading distributor of mobile signal boosters,, unveils a new series of devices featuring an informative LCD screen. Presented at WMC in Barcelona Fair 2017, the novelty will be in retail by the end of May 2017. launches a new series of cell phone boosters with LCD screen. The equipment effectively boosts mobile communication and has innovative features never implemented before.

Ana Simons, the Head of Sales at, shares the company’s plans and strategy concerning the novelty: “Having analyzed preferences of our clients, we have designed new LCD-screen models that will be available in the most popular modifications. Among them you’ll find boosters for calls, 3G, LTE, calls and Internet, multipurpose solutions. Each in several coverage variants suitable for homes, offices and larger buildings.”

The design of the device is compact and lightweight. What is no less important for modern customers, the booster box has sleek, hi-tech casing and is suitable for any interior. An absolutely new advanced feature of the launched signal boosters is an informative LCD screen.

“The LCD screen shows the most important information for a client – the signal level outside and inside, and major functions such as power supply and gain control,” announces Ana Simons, “Seeing the information on the screen, a customer can be sure and calm knowing that the device works correctly and effectively. Developing a new device, our main purpose was to keep the best characteristics of well-known Nikrans devices adding innovative features and options.” is a world-recognized seller of Nikrans and Anytone cell phone boosters. The company has a professional team of technical specialists, developers and marketing analysts, and sells its equipment worldwide. During its years of work, has cooperated with 217 countries and sold more than 200,000 cell phone boosters. One can get in contact with a representative of the company by email, phone, Skype or live chat. Any further information can be found on the official website,

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