My Phone Leash an Intelligent Buy for Smart Phone Users

Discover a new product that saves cell phones from being lost, stolen or damaged.

Since the cost of cell phones has sky rocketed, they have become the most expensive piece of property we travel with daily. This has caused the anxiety of losing, damaging or completely destroying this pricey necessity to also rise. Well a solution has been created and now cell phone users everywhere can protect their investment by purchasing a MyPhoneLeash. The MyPhoneLeash is a universal cell phone accessory that will give phone

owners complete peace of mind when handling their cell phones.

My Phone Leash is the product active cell phone users have been craving, an attachment that fits any phone and stops mishaps in their steps. "I routinely place my phone on my lap while in the car and then drop it as soon as I stand up, my phone leash has prevented my screen from cracking and my heart from dropping at the sight of my phone in pieces on the concrete" says one satisfied user.

My Phone leash was created to prevent cell phone users from buying new phones to replace damaged or lost ones. Forget the pricey deductibles charged by mobile service providers, now consumers have the option to spend $14.95 and keep this important possession as well as their information and contacts safe from water damage, dropping, and cracked screens.

The "My Phone Leash" unique design offers a reinforced kevlar cord and chain combination that is both durable and stylish. The chain doubles as a handle for retrieving your cell phone when it is lost in your purse, or a backpack eliminating the frustration of a search or awkward fumble. My Phone Leash provides simple solutions for cell phone consumers that will save both money, and time.

To purchase your very own My Phone Leash visit: or for more information contact: Ebonie S. Dukes / Publicist/ 267.983.7815 or