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The world is full of both joy and sorrow. The growing trend of competition has made the human very aspiring today.

The world is full of both joy and sorrow. The growing trend of competition has made the human very aspiring today. People want to acquire each and every comfort in life and are ready to do anything within their limits to achieve that as fast as possible. They are always willing to identify a problem which might be hampering their progress and seek solution in every possible manner. They are not only concerned about the mortal affair but are equally keen to find solutions through astral means too. One of the reputed astrologers in India Pt. Lokesh Jagirdar, of Navgrih Mandir, Khargone has launched a website to cater astrological solutions online.

"We are offering astrology consultancy online to people from all over the world" says an assistant of Pt. Jagirdar, "many people contact us on phone, and through emails too" he adds. It is true that many Indians are living abroad now a days and they do not get a chance to perform any such astral service there hence either had to wait till they visit India, or visit India specially for the purpose of performing Pooja. There had not been any online assistance earlier and this is first of its kind experiments being offered by My Horoscope Astrology.

There are many people who would not believe in any such astral or astrological solution of the problems, but again there are several who have strong faith in such offering. These followers of this faith are not the uneducated nor are from underprivileged sectors of the society, but they are highly educated and professionally accomplished personalities. "We receive requests from all parts of the world including India" informs pt. Jagirdar" people ask us to conduct a particular Pooja on a particular occasion to please their stars, or sometimes we suggest it to them as a requirement of their astrological calculations" he adds.

It is a fact that many people do believe in astrological science and do use it every now and then in their life to ensure success. Even many famous celebrities and political leaders follow the guidelines of their astrological or spiritual leader. Many people take their Kundali (Horoscope) to the astrologers to find out a reason behind their woes and the gateway to redemption. They do often find a solution for all of their problems and if it succeeds their faith gets further intensified in the services.

When asked about their most used services online, Pt. Jagirdar informed that they offer a wide range of astrological services such as gemstones, Kundli matching, career prediction, Mangal Dosh analysis, Pooja to bring success and growth to business, astrology, numerology, Vastu, palmistry, Rudraksha, Yantra Siddhi, Abhishek, Anusthan, Grah Pooja, Event Pooja, Hom/Yagya, Katha/Path, Shanti Pooja, Tithi Pooja, and more. "We have been adding to the services on demand of our followers and now have got a very large portfolio of services to offer" informs Pt. Jagirdar, "we are always available online to chat with the visitors and provide solution immediately without requiring them to wait for any reason" he ends.

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