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Do you really know what cannabidiol is? Most people either don’t know or have the wrong idea. Cannabidiol oil, known as CBD oil for short, is naturally produced from hemp. Hemp is often associated with marijuana, and because CBD oil derives from the hemp plant, it certainly isn’t without its controversies.

The Truth About Hemp. Hemp comes from a different part of the cannabis plant than marijuana. The hemp portion of the plant is grown solely for industrial purposes and contains only a slight trace of THC — not enough to produce any sort of “high.” Hemp is used for a variety of purposes, including making clothing, jewelry, lotions and paper products. The oil derived from it — i.e. CBD oil — is used for treating various medical conditions and illnesses, and for promoting general health.

CBD oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which have been shown to provide numerous health benefits, treat illnesses, and even alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and cognitive decline. To date, the health benefits and safety of consuming cannabidiol have been proven in a number of clinical studies. 

My Health Etc. was established to provide a wide range of high-quality Hemp oil products, including Energy Chews and CBD extracts, that are designed for adults looking for a soothing and beneficial solution for easing the pressures of daily life.

About My Health Etc. My Health Etc. is family owned and operated by TriAlpha7 Family Stores, based in Prescott, Arizona. My Health Etc. provides CBD products that focus on promoting customer health and quality of life. The core mission behind My Health Etc. is to bring positive awareness to a useful, and often misunderstood, product.

My Health Etc. was launched by J, Terilyn and Hildy. Experiencing some health issues themselves, they began researching alternative ways to improve their lifestyles, naturally increase energy levels, find peace of mind and better enjoy life. Naturally improving their quality of life became their passion, which sparked the idea to launch the website, a store that provides customers with high-quality, organic, natural and GMO-free cannabidiol products. Each company within the TriAlpha7 Family Stores association produces world-class products that are manufactured with sustainable farming and eco-friendly production.

Contact. My Health Etc. prides itself in providing outstanding customer service, and My Health Etc. experts make themselves available to answer customers’ questions and help guide them in the right direction to find a CBD solution for their needs.

For more information on My Health Etc. or CBD products, contact My Health Etc.’s customer care team at 1-844-779-2200. For questions or inquiries, visitors are encouraged to submit their questions via the online web form.

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My Health Etc is a family owned business that focuses on the health and wellness of individuals by providing organic products such as CBD Oils. Hemp CBD Oil is available for anyone to purchase throughout the country.

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