My Health Etc. Offers Relief From Back-to-School Digestive Issues

CBD Oil In Prescott, Arizona

My Health Etc., Prescott, Arizona-based CBD supplement provider, now offers millions of Americans experiencing digestive issues stemming from transitional stress a natural remedy. 

It’s an incredibly common experience: the start of the new school year means that routines change and schedules fill up quickly. And all of those drop offs, errands, and on-the-go activities can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Over time, even small disruptions can add up, leading to ongoing digestive trouble and a negative effect on overall health and wellness.

My Health Etc. is a leading provider of high-quality CBD products, available online and in My Health Etc.’s retail store in Prescott, Arizona. Products include HempMeds Digestive Support, a full spectrum CBD capsule designed to help relieve digestive problems.

HempMeds Digestive Support features a special digestive blend formula that includes enzymes optimized for gut wellness. In addition to aiding in digestive regularity, HempMeds Digestive Support offers diuretic properties and fast relief from gas, bloating, and stomach cramps. With 15mg of CBD oil per capsule, plus vitamin E and the B-caryophyllene terpene (found in cannabis, rosemary, and hops), HempMeds Digestive Support also provides a full range of other safe and effective therapeutic benefits.

My Health Etc. is proud to partner with customers on achieving better digestive health and wellness. As a company whose mission is to help others live healthier, fuller lives, My Health Etc. is committed to selling only the best CBD products available on the market today, with a focus on products that provide an alternative to traditional prescription and over-the-counter substances.

HempMeds Digestive Support capsules are non-psychoactive, made with entirely non-GMO ingredients, and are guaranteed free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and harsh solvents. In addition to all products being triple lab tested to ensure safety and efficacy, HempMeds also boasts the US Hemp Authority Certification seal. The start of the school year can easily lead a digestive tract off track. Instead of suffering and letting problems build up, find fast relief and get back to feeling good with HempMeds Digestive Support from My Health Etc.

My Health Etc. is always happy to talk CBD, including benefits, side effects, and product recommendations. For more information, please visit

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