My Happy Companion: The One-Stop-Dog Shop for All Things Puppy Love

My Happy Companion, a brand new, full-service dog-themed store, blog, and information trove designed to provide all current dog owners, and future ones, with the insight, support, and resources they need to give their dog a happy home, this week officially launched its comprehensive platform for all dog enthusiasts looking to read up on how to better the lives of their pups.

Borne from a passion for all things dogs, puppies, and greater animal welfare, My Happy Companion contains articles on dog supplements, all natural dog food providers, tips for safely walking canines, and the list goes on.

“Many people buy dogs without fully understanding what is required of them to make sure that pup has a happy and healthy life,” said Robin Tadlock, Founder and Owner of My Happy Companion. “We want both dogs and their owners to have an amazing experience together. The bond between a man and his dog is unlike any other found on this planet today.”

My Happy Companion focuses on sustainable health, security, and outdoors activities for dogs of all ages and sizes. Readers will find expert information regarding dog foods, feeding sizes, sleep arrangements, quality leashes, dog bowls, all natural supplements and vitamins, and everything in-between. Additionally, the site will update daily to bring new, recommended blog posts designed to answer every single dog-owning question out there.

“Owning a dog is an ongoing experience, and dog owners are going to have new questions every single week,” said Tadlock. “It’s part of the experience – and no one knows that better than us. Spread the word on the launch of our new informational site, and head on over today to learn more about dog protection and development.”

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