'My Grandma is a Sailor' Debuts as the First Book in a Series of Sailing Adventures for Children of All Ages

This is a 'must-read' for sailors who want to inspire younger maties to catch the wind in their sails as they embark on the voyage through life.

My Grandma is a Sailor

"My Grandma Is A Sailor" from Ginger Snap Books takes children on a sailing adventure that leads readers into portals of magical discoveries. The journey to Bali explores the richness and beauty of the land and customs that await, without leaving the comfort of home. 

This keepsake book also offers entertaining activities for kids who are eager to learn more about sailing. There are dozens of boredom busters including illustrations of the nautical flags, nomenclature, and a glossary to keep young maties busy on long cruises.   

What Others are Saying:

"If you are currently landlocked and in need of a nautical adventure with younger family members: look no further than 'My Grandma is a Sailor'," commented Kathy Reeves, Member of Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program, a program designed to teach sailing.  This innovative program helps Chicago inter-city youth and disabled people of any age gain self-esteem and independence.

"In Bali, the children learn about the people who reflect our same core values. It is a delightful book which inspires the children to be strong, brave, and kind," Laurel Nicholson, Author of the MAGICK trilogy, reflected.

Available to order online at: https://gingersnapbooks.itemorder.com/sale.

Meet the Author:

The author is Pennsylvania-based Ginger Eanes who has a passion to explore, dream and discover the world. An avid sailor, she has sailed on Italian, Croatian, Balinese, Uruguayan, Caribbean, and Chesapeake waters. She has written over 50 short stories, poems, and magazine articles. Her unique sailing adventures will be regaled in other books.


The author has dedicated this book to Singles on Sailboats, an organization based in Annapolis, MD. She commemorates the club for introducing her to sailing which changed her lifestyle, goals, and outlook on life. 

What's Next?

If you want to know when you can sail to Queen Mother's next port of call, we invite you to visit www.gingersnapbooks.com, where you can sign up to receive an email to notify you when she will welcome readers aboard for her next voyage. If you want to chat, you can email  ginger@gingersnapbooks.com or call (443) 794-6594.

****One dollar from each purchase will be donated to the US Sailing Association Youth Programs. 

"My Grandma is a Sailor" was published by Haas-Printing, 1000 Hummel Avenue, Lemoyne, PA, 17043.  Phone (717) 761- 0277.

ISBN: 978-0-578-23958    


Source: Ginger Snap Books


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