My Dairy Dashboard 2.0 Release Delivers Valuable Enhancements for Profit-Minded Producers

More visuals and more benchmarks mean more decision-making power

My Dairy Dashboard by

​​​With the release of the Essentials 2.0 update, My Dairy Dashboard (MDD) from is taking performance optimization for dairy farms of all sizes to a new, higher level. The industry-leading platform from connects and visualizes dairy farm data from disparate sources, highlighting trends to enable better decisions faster.

In today's dynamic industry, successful farms need instant access to a broad array of data, records, and indicators. They can no longer depend on disconnected systems and manual processes for data analysis. MDD's ability to automatically gather and integrate data from milk processor and on-farm software applications enables dairy farm managers and advisory teams to be in sync with consistent and actionable data. The real-time insights allow for quicker, fact-based, intelligent decisions -- saving time, increasing productivity, and growing the bottom line.

Traditionally, producers compiled and reviewed data from several independent and isolated systems.  

"My Dairy Dashboard is delivering on its promise to better streamline and strengthen data gathering and visualization," said CEO Scott Sexton. "Our early customers provided valuable feedback to optimize user experience and increase value. With that, MDD continues to be a valuable module in our suite of end-to-end dairy supply chain tools."

With Essentials 2.0, MDD:

  • Doubles the number of visuals and refined the dashboard for ease of use
  • Offers quick access to view year-over-year comparisons to chart progress
  • Has the ability to easily spot trends for prompt adjustments
  • Uses dynamic filters that dial in most relevant data and KPIs
  • Provides anytime, anywhere, real-time view for efficient decision making
  • Standardizes reporting and simplifies analysis for management

"The platform provides a holistic view of key farm metrics - in real time - facilitating timely and more effective decisions for our customers, which in turn will benefit their bottom line," states Mitch Norby, Chief Innovation Officer for has proven expertise, tools, and strategies that easily pay for themselves. My Dairy Dashboard connects and visualizes dairy farm data from multiple sources so you can easily see key trends and make better decisions faster. Visual. Mobile. Connected. The platform is Ag Data Transparent certified. Learn more at

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