My Awesome Picture Frames Has Launched New Personalized Gift Ideas offers everyone a great opportunity to provide friends, family, and loved ones with a personalized gift that will preserve a memory for a lifetime. The top-level customer service provided to make each gift special sets apart from the rest of the market.

A new website selling personalized gifts,, has launched to the masses. Among many other personalized items, the site sells picture frames specifically for weddings, baby memories and family photos.  The site even carries personalized college stadium photos and cabin signs! 

Company founder, Stacey Jackson said, “We are very excited for the opportunity to bring the ease and convenience of online purchasing to our customers.  We are adding new products daily and hope to add the products that are perfect for someone you know.”

The company aims to offer the finest personalized picture frames available at a cost effective price and an unmatched level of customer service.  In an effort to provide such service, it is a key component to the company’s initiatives to work with each client in a personal manner to develop their custom frames. This approach, the individual attention given to customers one by one, is part of the philosophy of the company. Getting things done right the first time is top priority to the team in maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Jackson said, “Each of our customers only have terrific things to say about us. Some of the more sincere compliments we've received have been about our attention and how we satisfy all of our customers as individuals. Their positive opinions about our company are greatly treasured.”

Frames can be purchased for around $20.00 and up and the production and delivery times are promised to be quick and efficient.  Jackson encourages visitors to browse the site, make a purchase and refer their friends on social media.

For more information, visit the website:


Source: My Awesome Picture Frames