MVT Solutions Announces Utility Trailer Aerodynamic Test Results

Testing looks at fuel economy of utility trailer aerodynamic tail and side skirt

​​Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS), the leader in breakthrough fuel economy testing as well as design and development services for the trucking industry, consistently brings accurate and reliable data identifying fuel-saving technologies. The company recently completed testing for Utility Aerodynamic Technologies on their Utility Aerodynamic Tail (UAT) and Utility Side Skirt. Test results showed that both products improve fuel economy, individually and combined.

According to MVTS certified testing, when the test trailer was equipped with both the Utility Side Skirt and Utility Aero Tail, test results showed a total fuel economy improvement of 6.46 gallons per 1,000 miles or 5.56 percent. 

“Over the years we have conducted several rigorous tests at our state-of-the-art R&D facility, but a third-party fuel economy test for our aerodynamic devices provides us with calculations that validate our own,” said Craig Bennett, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing at Utility. “Utility’s customers can see that the impact on profitability can be significant when equipping both the side skirt and aerodynamic tail. Compared to other trailer tails, the UAT is lighter in weight and is a low-cost option.” Bennett added, “Fuel economy is the easiest and fastest way to increase your bottom line and see the return on your investment (ROI)."

MVTS certified testing was performed at 65 mph and 45,000 pounds gross vehicle weight using International LT tractors and 2020 Utility 3000R 53-foot refrigerated trailers. During the testing process, MVTS noted that the UAT is low profile, with minimal protrusion from the side or back of the trailer. The company also highlighted that the side fairings require zero driver interaction because they open and close with the doors. These aerodynamic solutions from Utility are unique because carriers can acquire them directly from the OEM with a five-year warranty, making it easier to specify aerodynamics to the trailer.

A full version of the Utility test report can be found at

About MVT Solutions

MVT Solutions, a subsidiary of Mesilla Valley Transportation, provides fuel economy testing based on racecar engineering.  This high-tech testing methodology can obtain accuracy up to 0.25% and accounts for such variables as wind, driver behavior and duty cycle. With almost 500 fuel economy tests conducted to date, the company’s proven approach provides highly reliable and consistent data that enables trucking companies to make more informed choices and manufacturers to design and develop products backed by accurate fuel efficiency information that customers trust. MVT Solutions also provides consulting services to fleets looking to implement the right fuel-savings technologies for their operations.  MVT Solutions was founded in 2016 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. To learn more about MVT Solutions and for the latest in fuel efficiency news, visit

Source: Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions