MutantDx Liquid Biopsy Detects Cancer Long Before Symptoms Develop

Cancer DNA mutations can now be detected in the blood in femtogram concentrations (one femtogram = one thousand trillionth of a gram)

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MutantDx (Newco) today announces the world’s most disruptive molecular DNA technologies, TumorPlexTM and PrimaCapTM, for the earliest possible cancer detection before symptoms develop, using a single blood sample. The company is now seeking financing to move the company to a rapid IPO, and shall then retail reimbursable, multiplexed, FDA-approved mutation panels to oncology centers across the U.S. through its CLIA/CAP laboratory, as well as developing companion diagnostics for "Big Pharma."

MutantDx’s patented, platform technologies for molecular diagnostics finally enable the first multiplexed commercialization of Sanger Sequencing, the accepted "Gold Standard" for personalized diagnostic medicine. Moreover, MutantDx’s technologies are now recognized as best-in-class for all five industry comparators:

1. Sensitivity — 1,000-fold better than nearest competitor (Journal of Solid Tumors, 2017, Vol. 7, No. 2)
2. Specificity — unmatched verifiability
3. Mutiplexing — currently up to eight targets in a single panel with more in development
4. Quality Control — cross-contamination patent eliminates false negatives and false positives
5. Cost — multiplexing allows a lower price than leading competitors for each reported result.

“A sophisticated DNA blood test called the Liquid Biopsy will soon regularly screen totally asymptomatic people for very early cancer, identify mutations and enable treatment with personalized therapeutics — long before symptoms ever develop,” says Dr. Roger Hodkinson, CEO of MutantDx.  “This revolutionary technology — I call it the historic ‘moonshot’ in cancer prevention — will command a monumental shift in oncology as we know it today.” 

The Liquid Biopsy market is estimated to be $40 billion/year in the U.S.  MutantDx is an early-stage Newco with no encumbrances, using late-stage technology that is ready for market.  MutantDx will be a 100 percent subsidiary of MultiGEN Diagnostics Inc., a California-registered company.

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