Muskerry PC Services Celebrates 3rd Birthday

Today Muskerry PC Services celebrates its 3rd Anniversary as one of Corks most popular PC Repair Businesses.

Today Muskerry PC Services celebrates its 3rd Anniversary as one of Corks most popular PC Repair Businesses. The Ballincollig based business as so far survived the down turn in the economy and continues to repair and upgrade both PC and laptops as well as providing affording web site design and customized internet marketing solutions.
Muskerry PC Services is run by Ken Cronin specialize in PC repair Cork, Ballincollig area, a fully qualified technician with over 10 years experience in the trade.

Ken attributes is on going success to his positive work ethic and fair prices. "In my experience A lot of people sometimes get a bit wary when they bring their computer to be fixed" says Ken. I think the reason of thought behind this is that, like bringing our car to the mechanic most people will have take the technicians word when its comes to the computer problem and price." That is why i do everything in my my power to explain the issue and go through the customers different options. I also never start working on a PC or laptop without first agreeing on a price."Another reason Ken why his business is still going strong is that ability to work fast. In fact Ken is very quick to point out that most of his jobs are taken in and given out on the same day. In an age where most of our lives revolve around a laptop or computer, Ken jokes that for a lot of his customers its like losing a limb when they bring their computer in to be fixed.

When asked how things have changed since he first started the business in 2009 Ken says things got a lot scarier as most people don't have the money they use to have. However Ken adapted to this by not just focusing his advertising in Ballincollig but also all around cork. He also noticed that the website design business is not that progressive, however the website marketing side of things has got a lot busier. He believes the reason behind this, is like himself, a lot of businesses are learning to adapt to quiter times and see their existing website as another method of gaining more business

Muskerry PC Services is a cork based business which was set up in 2009 by pc techinian Ken Cronin. His services in include:
PC/Laptop repair
PC/Laptop upgrades
Website design
Internet marketing

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Muskerry PC Services
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