Music Video Production Company Films Music Video for Miraj Lee Saxton

iProduction Studio recently filmed an exciting new music video for singer/songwriter Miraj Lee Saxton. Filming took place in New York and the outcome of the video was absolutely fantastic.

iProduction Studio, a leading music video production company based in New York recently filmed a fantastic video for singer and songwriter, Miraj Lee Saxton. The video, which was produced by Jose Aguilar, features Saxton's newest single, "Sides" and it was released on September 10th, 2011.

The video was filmed at 3 great locations in New York City: The Chelsea Hotel, Madison Square Park and Green Screen Studio. Together, they provided the perfect back drop for an exciting music video. It took two full days of production, a month in post production, and a team of talented artists to create the final product. The dancers featured in the video provided a great performance and they were guided by the highly acclaimed choreographer, Shawn Garnier. The chemistry of the cast really shines through in the video. The overall storyline and styling comes together as a cohesive theme. Saxton, the star of the video said that the iProduction Studio video team was "amazing to work with."

Miraj Lee Saxton was born in Mount Vernon, New York and has been singing and writing songs since the age of three. Throughout her youth, Saxton developed many talents including composing and dancing. In fact, she is even a self-taught pianist. To top it all off, Saxton is an experience business woman and has even founded her own company, Telarock Entertainment. Telarock specializes in developing and producing musical talent for up and coming stars. They also provide performance services for various types of events varying from weddings to award ceremonies and corporate events.

To see the music video for "Sides", visit the Telarock Entertainment Youtube page at Or, see the Telarock website for more information at where you get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the music video production shoot.

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