MuseGlobal, in Conjunction with EduLib, a Member of the MuseGlobal Group, Announces the Availability of Muse Version 2.7.

MuseGlobal, in conjunction with EduLib, a member of the MuseGlobal group, announces the availability of Muse version 2.7.

MuseGlobal, in conjunction with EduLib, a member of the MuseGlobal group, announces the availability of Muse version 2.7. While the full release includes dozens of enhancements and corrections, the key new features of the release include the following:

- A new Muse Template Application, built using jQuery and incorporating a new user-friendly interface and featuring faster performance

- A new Application Muse MobileSearch, based on jQuery Mobile and designed for use by libraries. It includes connectivity to a wide variety of commercial ILS catalog systems

- An enhanced version of the Muse Web Bridge XML API that implements the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) standard to allow calling MusePeer Servlet AJAX actions from other domains. This facilitates the creation of browser level rich MVC clients using exclusively AJAX calls

- Updates to Muse and Muse Setup to support the recently released Oracle JDK 1.8. Both the native launchers and the generic jar launcher are able to function if the JVM on the target system is JDK 1.8

- Added a new functionality to allow Muse Application Authority Users to store individual Source access details and Source field customization in Muse Personal Profile Management System

- Improvements of Muse Console for Application Administration, such as full range Unicode characters for the emails generated by the "Problem Report" section

- Muse Builder implements more features and fixes for Muse Connectors Generator, Muse Source Package Assistant, Muse Source Package Testing and Muse Search Query Translator Generator (SQTG)

- Improved Muse Statistics Monitor to process logs collected from two or more servers

The new release is available for MuseGlobal partners to download from the and support site and is accompanied by a full set of release notes.

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EduLib, member of MuseGlobal Group, is a privately held software development company located in Craiova, Romania, offering high-quality, multi-platform software products that cover a wide area of customer needs, having a solid software expertise for more than 14 years. EduLib has established as main purpose to design and develop powerful and reliable software platforms, tools and utilities, targeted from administrators and software developers to Enterprise, Education and Library Information Discovery.