Murderous Rampages Caused By Psychiatric Drugs

Twenty two international drug regulatory warnings have been issued on psychiatric drugs which cite side effects of mania, psychosis, aggression, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation

Twenty two international drug regulatory warnings have been issued on psychiatric drugs which cite side effects of mania, psychosis, aggression, hostility, violence and even homicidal ideation

Not so long ago there was the "Sandy Hook Elementary School" massacre. Adam Lanza, the shooter, had been 'medicated' as early as age 10.

At least fourteen recent school shootings were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs, resulting in 109 wounded and 58 killed

According to several media outlets, the Colorado theater killer, James Holmes had been "treated" by at least three mental health "professionals" including a psychiatrist prior to his rampage.

April 20, 1999: in Colorado at Columbine, 18-year-old Eric Harris was on the antidepressant Luvox when he and his partner Dylan Klebold killed 12 classmates and a teacher and wounded 23 others before taking their own lives in the bloodiest school massacre until now. The coroner confirmed that the antidepressant was in his system through toxicology reports, while Dylan Klebold's autopsy was never made public.

In another case, Alyssa Bustamante, a woman of Jefferson City, Mo., murdered her nine year old neighbor.The defence in the court case presented testimony that the anti-depressant drug Prozac may have played a role in the murder. It was reported that, "an increase in the dosage of Bustamante's Prozac prescription may have led her to kill Elizabeth",

In Alberta, three years ago, 12-year-old Jamie Richardson and 23-year- old Jeremy Steinke murdered Jasmine's family in a fit of rage. Jeremy Steinke was diagnosed with depression and Hyperactivity and treated with one or more of psychiatry's drugs.

19-year-old Robert Hawkins, who killed eight people and wounded five before committing suicide in an Omaha, Nebraska mall, is another kid- killer under the influence of psychiatric drugs .

Psychiatrist Dr Shabehram Lohrasbe told the court that Lakvinder Singh Khalon was severely depressed before he brutally murdered his 27-month-old daughter and was taking anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication. Khalon had seen his psychiatrist only two days before the incident.

Illinois police confirmed that toxicology results show Illinois gunman Steven Kazmierczak had antidepressants in his system during his school shooting rampage-when he shot and killed five before committing suicide.

September 28, 2006: Bailey, Colorado: Duane Morrison, 53, entered Platte Canyon High School and shot and killed one girl, and sexually assaulted 6 others. Antidepressants were found in his vehicle.

March 21, 2005: Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota: 16-year-old Native American Jeff Weise was under the influence of the antidepressant Prozac when he shot and killed nine people and wounding five before committing suicide.

April 10, 2001: Wahluke, Washington: 16-year-old Cory Baadsgaard took a rifle to his high school, and held 23 classmates and a teacher hostage while on a high dose of the antidepressant Effexor.

April 29 1999: A 14 year old boy shot two children, killing one, at W.R. Myers High School in Taber Alberta. He was student of the school who was seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed him Dexadrine just prior to the shooting.

March 22, 2001: El Cajon, California: 18-year-old Jason Hoffman was on two antidepressants, Effexor and Celexa, when he opened fire at his California high school wounding five.

March 7, 2000: Williamsport, Pennsylvania: 14-year-old Elizabeth Bush was on the antidepressant Prozac when she blasted away at fellow students in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, wounding one.

May 20, 1999: Conyers, Georgia: 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with a mix of antidepressants when he opened fire on and wounded 6 of his classmates.

April 16, 1999: Notus, Idaho: 15-year-old Shawn Cooper fired two shotgun rounds in his school narrowly missing students; he was taking a mix of antidepressants.

May 21, 1998: Springfield, Oregon: 15-year-old Kip Kinkel murdered his own parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 22. Kinkel had been on Prozac.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and the late Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights

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