MURAL Enables and Empowers Their Team During Hypergrowth With Spekit

MURAL selects Spekit as their digital adoption and enablement platform

Today, MURAL, the leading digital workspace for visual collaboration in the enterprise, announced they'll be leveraging Spekit, the leading digital adoption and enablement platform, to enable and empower their team as they prepare for hypergrowth. 

MURAL has tripled annual revenue year over year, doubled headcount, and added more than a million monthly active users around the world so far this year. More than half of the Fortune 100 rely on MURAL to power collaboration across their teams.

With such momentous growth, it was imperative they find an enablement and adoption partner that would reduce the time to onboard new employees on an ever-evolving tech stack, make it easy to communicate changes in real-time and drive the productivity of their growing team scattered across the U.S. 

"In this age of constant change, it's become increasingly important that we empower our stakeholders with best-in-class solutions that will enable them to drive the right conversations and close deals faster," said Keith Jones, Revenue Operations Systems Lead at MURAL. "In searching for an in-app solution for user guidance, Spekit was the clear leader early on. Their ability to connect knowledge to business outcomes, reducing the time our reps spend learning tools and processes is going to be a critical component of our growth strategy moving forward."  

The go-to-market team at MURAL has a robust tech stack including Salesforce, Outreach, Clari, Highspot, Marketo and LinkedIn. Each of these comes with their own customizations, regular updates and unique processes that every employee should understand and efficiently navigate to be effective in their roles. With Spekit, MURAL can surface real-time training and resources, embedded directly within each of these workflows to create a seamless learning experience across their suite of applications.

"We loved the cross-platform functionality of Spekit. Wherever our team is working, across any app, Spekit surfaces contextual training and resources right where questions arise," said Keith Jones, Revenue Operations Systems Lead at MURAL. "In today's remote work environment, this is especially crucial as employees can no longer turn to a colleague for answers and responses through email or Slack can take hours. Spekit can now act as their digital coach, colleague and companion to get the answers they need the instant they need them." 

MURAL is just one of the many companies recognizing the need for a new way to drive the productivity of their team as they embrace this digital-only world. Outside of work, employees are accustomed to having real-time access to answers with a simple Google search or quick YouTube video. Yet, in a professional environment, many still rely on long-form LMS courses, PDF docs and lengthy training webinars. With statistics showing 70% of this information is forgotten within a day, in-app learning that reinforces crucial knowledge within an employee's workflow is the modern solution to employee training for driving retention while boosting productivity. 

Learn how Spekit can help enable and empower your team - from anywhere - today!

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