Munchie the 'Wonder Dog' Owner Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Save Dog's Life

The GoFundMe donations will help with Munchie the Doberman's extensive medical bills

Munchie the Wonder Dog

Against all odds, Munchie the Wonder Dog is making strides toward recovery following a debilitating bone infection and neck surgery. The newly adopted Doberman’s heartwarming story, as seen on CBS News Channel 4, is sweeping the country. After spending two years secluded in Florida shelters and suffering traumatic medical issues, Munchie’s owner has launched a crowdfunding site and is asking for financial assistance for the resilient pup’s extensive and ongoing medical expenses.

Munchie is a fighter and doctors say that he has one of the strongest wills to live that they have ever seen, hence the reason he has been nicknamed the "Wonder Dog." He is a sweet and affectionate dog that loves people and other dogs, and brings joy to all who meet him.

"Stay strong and never give up"

Munchie the Wonder Dog

Currently, Munchie is undergoing a state-of-the-art therapy in South Florida that is now just becoming known to animal lovers everywhere through this story. This therapy has enabled him to begin walking again after being bedridden for months. However, Munchie is still not out of the woods, as he is preparing for yet another operation, this time to his hips.

This has not been an easy experience for Munchie's owner, who is now left with veterinarian bills totaling nearly $30,000, and is in desperate need of financial assistance. A GoFundMe Campaign has been set up for donations to help alleviate the overwhelming medical expense.

Munchie the Wonder Dog is an inspiration for anyone going through a hard time, and his slogan "Stay strong and never give up" is one to live by. 

Please visit the GoFundMe Campaign to learn more and donate to this worthy cause:

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