MumZone Lists Out Most Popular Baby Names For 2011

Kate, Harper Seven, so what's going to be the most popular choice of names in 2011?

Mumzone, the online community for mums all over Australia has listed out popular baby names for 2011. The list compiled by Luke Wilshere includes an eclectic mix of names that range from the conservative to the downright bizarre.

When the Beckham's named their daughter, Harper Seven, there was an expected deluge of comments. While opinions differed on whether the name was the right choice, everyone agreed to the fact that the name was unusual. The Beckham's have always had unusual choice of names for their children. But baby Harper surely surpassed her siblings.

It's been a trend for parents to choose from unique baby names. Keeping in line with this trend are actress Kate Hudson and Mat Bellamy who've named their son 'Bingham Bing Hawn Bellamy'. Even as the rock star father has incorporated a lot of family names to choose his son's name, there are sure to be hundreds of babies with the name 'Kate'. The newlywed princess's name was chosen to be the most popular name for a girl in 2011. Popular derivatives of the name include Katy, Cathy, Cate, and the princess's original name Catherine.

Among names that never cease to remain popular are Isabella and Jacob. In fact data released by the Social Security Administration in the United States has ranked 'Jacob to be a popular name since 1999. Among other baby names that have gained popularity are Iker, Crew, and Zuri.

Another trend is now forsake the 'typical girl names' and choose names that bring out the individuality of the child. The trend for names that begin with 'A' has also seen a rise. Thus there are a lot more Avery's, Ariann's and Ava's than they were before.

Surprisingly, while parents have become experimental with girl names, they've become conventional with boy names. It wouldn't be surprising to see a William, David or Joseph to top the charts for popular baby names in 2011. The trend has more to do with parents wanting their children to be more mature.

If A is popular choice for girls, J has been a common choice for boys. In their zeal to give individualistic names for their children, parents often go overboard. Thus, you have children named after cities (read Dakota, Montana and Devon), children named after cars (read Mercedes, Alexis and Camry).

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