MultiTaction Provides World Record Breaking Touch Surface for CBS's Candy Crush TV Game Show

Provider of advanced collaboration solutions to F1000 corporates blows the audience away providing the world's largest touchscreen display

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MultiTaction, a leading provider of advanced data visualization and collaboration solutions, has partnered with CBS Television to provide the interactive touch screen technology for the new prime time Candy Crush TV game show launched yesterday, and hosted by American television host and actor Mario Lopez.

The gameboard, standing at a staggering 25ft tall and consisting of 55 MultiTaction 55" displays, has won the Guinness World Record for the Largest Touch Screen Display. CBS wanted an interactive touch surface that was capable of replicating a thrilling, life-sized version of the global mobile sensation and which created a 'larger than life' experience for viewers.

"MultiTaction is the only company I trusted to build the world record breaking touch sensitive screens that make Candy Crush the unrivaled spectacle it is."

Josh Silberman, Co-Executive Producer

"MultiTaction is the only company I trusted to build the world record breaking touch sensitive screens that make Candy Crush the unrivaled spectacle it is," said Josh Silberman, Co-Executive Producer of the Candy Crush show. "They worked tirelessly with our team to bring the huge interactive walls to life."

MultiTaction touch displays operate using patented optical touch technology, which actually sees objects touching the screen using an array of infrared cameras. For the Candy Crush show, engineers were able to tune this unique technology to distinguish hands and feet.

"The ability to identify exactly what is touching the display, or even approaching the display, opens a world of possibilities beyond traditional touch technology," said Pete Malcolm, CEO, MultiTaction, "It allows us to build visualization and collaboration solutions that blow away competitive offerings, as well as enabling customers to create groundbreaking applications to engage and delight customers, visitors, viewers and employees."

MultiTaction recently launched Canvus Connect, the only solution on the market to provide a rich-media surface for instantaneous multiparty collaboration across global networks.

A video of Candy Crush iWall in action may be found here.

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