Muhammed Sonday Is Not Only a Successful Entrepreneur With a Chain of Profitable Ventures All Over the Country

Muhammed Sonday is not only a successful entrepreneur with a chain of profitable ventures all over the country, but he is also a philanthropist concerned with the fate of children in impoverished neighborhoods.

Few business owners invest their time and money in helping the unfortunate. But the act of charity towards the Support the Kids charity made by Muhammed Sonday is not just a random act of kindness.

Muhammed Sonday used to work as a volunteer for the charity and knows the inner workings. This is why he decided to donate $15,000 to help orphaned and impoverished children have a better future.

But his work as a volunteer is not the only reason why Muhammed Sonday decided to donate to the foundation. He saw with his own eyes the devastating effects of poverty as a child.

He witnessed the tragedy of his classmate who stopped going to school due to lack of money and saw the consequences soon after too.

Many children that come from poor areas aren't encouraged to invest time into their education, and often times their parents don't believe in education for their children either.

Hundreds of poor kids end up on the streets, becoming part of gangs who are involved in criminal activities.

In 1980, Support the Kids foundation was born in New York. The founders quickly recognized that the best way to help children is to guide them through a caring environment and help them understand that the vicious circle of poverty can be stopped.

While supporting disillusioned children who don't have much support at home isn't an easy for the volunteers, their work didn't go unnoticed in the eyes of various state and federal departments who were supporting their courageous endeavor.

Every child that is supported by the foundation is helped in all aspects of their life, but the focus is on their emotional health and education.

The foundation wants to help the underprivileged learn transferable skills and become independent and happy with their own lives.

Today, the foundation has expanded all over the country and has numerous centers in all 50 states.

Their main goal remained the same over the years, but now they are looking to expand and provide help to adults too.

On top of it, the Support the Kids foundation also wants to deliver free food to various cities to feed the homeless.

While Muhammed Sonday is a successful entrepreneur, he didn't forget that unlike him, many don't get the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and he believes it is his moral duty to help the ones who can't do much by themselves.

Muhammed Sonday also believes that the scars from a childhood cut deep, and society as a whole should invest more in the future of children to help them become successful citizens and valuable contributors to their communities.

The entrepreneur also believes that those who are privileged enough to get a good education and a loving home should provide guidance to the children who aren't as lucky.

Muhammed Sonday doesn't feel success makes anyone superior to their peers. The business owner believes everyone has the potential to become successful in his/her endeavors with the right guidance.

Entrepreneurs like Muhammad Sonday show that the world of the rich is not always filled with figures who have little empathy for the poor, nor people who are entitled to their success.

In times like these, when the social classes blame each other for the society's biggest issues, people like Muhammed Sonday prove that lending a hand is far more useful than pointing a finger.

The entrepreneur believes that we should address the root causes of the impoverished class and that we should invest in the children if we want to see a positive change in the future.

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