Muhammed Sonday Donates $15,000 to Charity

Throughout history, we have seen people performing philanthropy to make the lives of people better and to spread happiness. Even in modern times, some people do care about improving the quality of life of the underprivileged.

They realize that not everyone gets a fair deal in their life, and thus they seek to help those who are in need in a meaningful way. Recently, Muhammed Sonday, an entrepreneur with a chain of successful ventures all across the United States, donated $15,000 to Support the Kids, a charity which aims to provide a better life to impoverished and orphaned children and make them proud and successful citizens of the country.

According to Muhammed Sonday, the reason he donated to Support the Kids was the fact that how genuine their endeavors are and how they positively bring change to people's lives. Muhammed Sonday had also acted as a volunteer for the foundation and knows its inner working quite well and feels that the money donated would be well spent for ensuring a better future for kids in need.

Poverty and trauma among underprivileged children is an issue close to Muhammed Sonday's heart, with himself a witness to hundreds of poor kids during his childhood in his school. It always pained him when one of his classmates suddenly dropped schooling due to lack of funds, only to fall prey to the wrong path and ultimately losing the battle.

Support the Kids is a New York based foundation established in 1980 to help young, disillusioned kids find a footing in this competitive world and to lead successful happy lives. They are known to provide a caring environment tailored for every child to make them feel at ease. Helping children to get on the right track instead of letting them fall into the endless void of poverty and trauma, the foundation has tirelessly worked hard to ensure that the children do not suffer in any way.

Their work has not gone without recognition, with various state and federal departments lauding their endeavor and even helping them in their noble goal.  Every child supported by the foundation has gone on to achieve more in their own lives, and the foundation feels honored to be able to steer the children in the right direction. Today, they have centers in all of the 50 states of the country. They also plan to establish food trucks in various cities to provide meals to homeless people across the country.

As a successful entrepreneur, Muhammed Sonday feels that it is his moral duty to uplift people from the poor sections of the society and to make them proud citizens of the country. He also feels that today's children are humanity's future leaders, thus one should do all it takes to ensure that these children follow the path of righteousness and good. A person's personality is developed during his or her childhood, so according to Muhammed Sonday, it is imperative that good skills and knowledge are inculcated so they can take the right decision in their future.

He concludes by saying that children are like diamonds in the rough and it is up to the people to ensure that they turn out to be a shining star like no other with an opportunity provided to them to fulfill their dreams and ambitions and become loyal citizens of the country.

With the recent rise in negativity by all sections of society all around the world and the United States, it is truly refreshing to see an individual, who, despite being rich and prosperous, has decided to help society in any way possible. People like Muhammed Sonday indeed prove that in spite of the gloomy world situation, there exist people who are humble and generous and are willing to make a positive impact. We all wish Muhammed Sonday all the best for his future endeavors and hope that he is able to make an even larger impact on people's lives in a positive manner.

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