"Mud, Muscles and Mayhem" Football Takes A Different Approach With Kickstarter

Tony Simpson, president of Hard Lick Sports, and former Verizon Wireless president, said that his studio team is working on a sports simulation game built on Unity 3D. Hard Lick has launched a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund finishing the game.

Tony Simpson, president of Hard Lick Sports, and former Verizon Wireless president, announced today, "Our Hard Lick Sports' studio development team has been working hard towards completion of a novel "11 versus 11" football simulation game for many months. We believe that it will be the first such advanced sports simulation ever built using the Unity 3D platform." Hard Lick recently launched a $250,000 Kickstarter campaign, which will fund major enhancements to the graphics and animation making the game a total immersion experience. "We are really testing new ground on Kickstarter with a high-end sports sim like this, since most of the successful Kickstarter projects have been focused on fantasy role playing and adventure game genres. Early feedback from sports genre fans interested in our game indicate that our Kickstarter project will reach a successful conclusion."

For detailed information on the game and the Kickstarter rewards, go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1107428082/hard-lick-....

This isn't a simple arcade game like "Backbreaker"...Nor is it designed to front for the NFL like "Madden" and Gameloft's NFL knockoff. It is seriously focused on giving gamers a good shot of adrenaline from delivering a very personal "hard lick" or hit when making a tackle as they play a regular hard hitting 11-man team game of tough football. The game has a sophisticated playbook with over 90 plays put together by some very good coaches...It will give sports game fans all the offensive and defensive options They might want.

Simpson indicated that the game is designed specifically to showcase mobile devices with high-resolution touch screens and high-performance chipsets including Apple iPad/iPhone 4 /4S, Nvidia Tegra-powered Android phones & tablets, and the new Kindle Fire. Hard Lick Sports' motto is "Full contact sports to rock your mobile world!" In this new American football simulation, Hard Lick Sports iFootball: "Mud, Muscles & Mayhem" gamers will get a testosterone-pumping "fix" of physical and psychological satisfaction every time they give their opponent a bone-jarring hard "lick."

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