Muñoz Trucking, Inc. Partners With Optimal Dynamics to Drive Efficiency and Profitability

Proof-of-Value period uncovers significant opportunity to increase loaded miles, dispatch optimization, and revenue per driver

Optimal Dynamics, the pioneer in artificial decision intelligence for trucking companies, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Muñoz Trucking, Inc., a multigenerational family-owned trucking business that has successfully grown into a fleet of 170 trucks over the past 29 years. This collaboration underscores the potential of technology to transform decades-long processes into agile, future-ready trucking operations poised for sustained success.

As fleets grow, the operational complexities and challenges they face also increase, necessitating a fresh approach to traditional methods. Muñoz Trucking recognized the need to reduce manual methods and free up valuable time to focus on driver retention, customer relationships, and business growth. Automating and optimizing dispatch was the perfect place to start.

"We understand the potential of technology to transform our carrier business and secure a competitive edge," said Soledad Muñoz, VP of Operations at Muñoz Trucking, Inc. "We needed to bring scalability to our dispatch operation to increase volume and efficiency, and ensure we were making the best decisions for our drivers and customers."

After learning of the impressive results experienced by industry peers, Muñoz Trucking turned to Optimal Dynamics to leverage its cutting-edge optimization technology and expertise in transportation logistics.

Optimal Dynamics offers a unique and extremely collaborative Proof-of-Value program in which Muñoz Trucking was able to quickly and precisely see the potential impact of the solution’s optimized recommendations on their network. By incorporating and balancing dozens of Muñoz’s driver parameters and business objectives, Optimal Dynamics was able to uncover potential efficiency and profitability gains that include:

  • Increased loaded miles 9.9%
  • Increased average miles per week 14.6%
  • Increased profitability 7x

By harnessing the power of decision intelligence for optimized dispatch, Muñoz Trucking has a clear path forward to significant profit fueled by an increase in revenue per driver, positioning itself for sustained growth and success in the competitive trucking industry.

"At Muñoz Trucking, Inc., our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unwavering," said Pablo Muñoz, Founder, Muñoz Trucking, Inc. "Partnering with Optimal Dynamics will enable us to elevate our operations to new heights, driving efficiency, productivity, and profitability across our business. The potential for continuous improvement is too great to be ignored."

Looking ahead, Muñoz Trucking, Inc. is poised to capitalize on the immense profit potential unlocked by the optimization solution. With streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and newfound efficiencies, the company is well-equipped to seize market opportunities, expand its customer base, and drive sustainable growth in the ever-evolving trucking industry.

“Companies like Muñoz Trucking that are willing to embrace change and continuously innovate are better positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities, anticipate customer needs, and outpace their competitors,” added Daniel Powell, CEO and Co-founder of Optimal Dynamics. “We are excited to be on this path together with the team at Muñoz Trucking.”

About Muñoz Trucking, Inc.

We at Muñoz Trucking, Inc. pride ourselves in utilizing our over 29 years of experience in the service industry to facilitate the best in class service in the field. As a multigenerational family-owned business, our foundation is built on support, respect, trust, and an unwavering commitment to provide the best for our staff, partners, and community. We value diversity, and our versatility makes us competitive in every facet of the business. Our relentless effort and dedication to helping highlight our partner's success stories and overall mission is a testament to the importance we place on customer satisfaction.

Source: Optimal Dynamics