MTM Appoints Four Distinguished Professionals to Advisory Board to Drive Innovation and Growth

MTM's Advisory Board

With a focus on supporting growth initiatives and enhancing innovative approaches in healthcare delivery, MTM is honored to announce the appointment of four accomplished professionals to its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board plays a crucial role in shaping MTM’s future through strategic guidance. Established in 2018, the Board convenes quarterly with MTM's executive team, offering strategic counsel and direction. The new additions bring a wealth of experience in managed care, technology, and healthcare transformation, aligning perfectly with MTM's objectives.

“The Advisory Board’s role in providing diverse perspectives and expertise is invaluable to MTM's success,” said MTM’s President and CEO Alaina Macia. “We are excited to welcome these distinguished individuals whose experience will guide us in expanding into new markets and introducing groundbreaking innovations for our clients.”

Meet MTM’s New Advisory Board Members

Marty Garza
Vice President of Air Operations Technology, Southwest Airlines 
Marty Garza, with more than two decades at Southwest Airlines, leads technology-driven operations, specializing in critical systems modernization. His journey from the inaugural college hire program to leadership involved pivotal roles, including spearheading international service launches and migrating systems to AWS. Marty fosters talent and efficiency, driving Southwest's operational excellence. 

Chris Schmaltz
Founder, Enhanced Performance Solutions Group
Chris Schmaltz, with a three-decade career, drives operational performance and revenue growth globally. Specializing in technology-driven solutions and value-based care, he excels in P&L management and innovation. As Founder of Enhanced Performance Solutions Group, Chris advises healthcare and private equity clients, leveraging expertise in value-based care and transformative technologies. 

Marti Lolli
President and CEO, LIBERTY Dental Plan
Marti Lolli, President and CEO of LIBERTY Dental Plan, leads a nationally recognized insurance company serving seven million members in 31 states. Her leadership, spanning pivotal roles at SelectHealth and Priority Health, garnered prestigious accolades, including a CMS 5-star rating. Marti's focus on talent, innovation, and health equity solidifies her position as a leading influencer in managed care.

Karen Murphy
Senior Advisor to the CEO, Geisinger Health
Karen Murphy, a healthcare transformation luminary, drives innovation at Geisinger Health as Senior Advisor to the CEO. Her roles, including EVP/Chief Innovation Officer, introduced initiatives like the Digital Transformation Office and award-winning Geisinger AI Lab. Karen’s pioneering efforts in technology and behavioral sciences optimize healthcare operations. Her career, spanning pivotal roles like Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, showcases her impact in revolutionizing healthcare models. 

About MTM
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