MTFX Group Launches PayMyMedicalCare, Expanding Its Innovative International Payments Platform Into Healthcare

MTFX Group announced today the launch of PayMyMedicalCare (PMMC), a new vertical within the company, expanding its innovative cross-border payments technology into healthcare for the first time across North America

PayMyMedicalCare - MTFX Group

MTFX Group, a leader in corporate foreign exchange and global payments, today announced its launch of PayMyMedicalCare (PMMC), a new industry vertical within the MTFX Group’s set of solutions, enabling the company to expand its footprint into international healthcare payments for the first time. The launch of PMMC will allow the company to bring its next-generation payments technology into a new industry vertical to aid in elevating the friction that exists within international healthcare payments today.

“Expanding into international healthcare payments, by way of PayMyMedicalCare, has been an ambition for us for the last few years,” said Arif Harji, Chief Market Strategist at MTFX Group. “Our vertical-specific solutions that we have developed for corporations, travel and education have paved the way for us to build onto our global payments infrastructure and aid in improving healthcare payments with an efficient and cost-effective alternative.”

The healthcare payments category is riddled with challenges affecting both customers and patients. Inefficiencies commonly develop due to limited acceptance of payment methods, mistrust in the billing system, paper-based and manual ways of doing business, supplier’s system of records and major issues within the billing cycle.

PMMC will now enable partner healthcare institutions across North America with a unique customer-first payment solution focused on speed to market, cost efficiencies and overall data transparency. This combined with MTFX Group's industry-leading 24/7 customer service will remove the friction that is synonymous with settling healthcare payments across borders.

MTFX Group has already onboarded several healthcare industry clients across the United States and Canada and is anticipating significant growth within the next 12 months for this new vertical within the company.

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