Mt. Moriah AME Church - New Construction Slab Support

TAMPA SPRINGS, Fla., May 19, 2018 (Newswire) -Because of soil conditions and time itself, the Mt. Moriah AME Church experienced significant foundation settlement, with up to 12 inches of floor deflection in the worst places. All Florida Ram Jack installed 118 helical piles, replaced the foundation slab and injected nearly 350 yd3 of compaction gravel to restore stability to the structure once more.

It’s not every day you find out severe foundation settlement exists beneath your feet, but that is exactly what the owner of Mt. Moriah AME Church discovered after having an engineer inspect the structure. An attempt at repairing the slab had been made once before, but the job was inferior. Wanting a permanent fix this time, the owner contacted All Florida Ram Jack.

To begin, nearly 1,600 feet of linear casing was placed for future gravel injection. Moving inside, Ram Jack discovered the existing slab was in bad shape and decided it best to install a new one. 118 interior helical piles were installed to support the new slab and roughly 350 yd3 of compaction gravel were used to create reliable foundation soils, ensuring the structure would remain stable. Members of this church can now safely serve the church once more safety due to this more permanent restoration by All Florida Ram Jack.

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