Douglas Beale of Msds Catalog Service LLC is pleased to announce joining the Construction Marketing Association. 

The Construction Marketing Association has a simple objective; empowering members, using training, networking and resources provided. Members also have the opportunity to earn a Certified Construction Marketing Professional certificate and designation. For more information or membership visit .

Douglas Beale said "We're very excited about this new partnership. I've been reading Neil's book, and am looking forward to implementing some of the strategies he describes."

Douglas Beale, Owner

Msds Catalog Service LLC has been marketing generic (M)sds books to contractors and subcontractors for going on seven years. In addition to books and e-books, Msds Catalog Service provides services for creating custom (M)sds binders for small businesses in all industry sectors, as well as both paid and free access to online msds databases. 

The Construction Marketing Association and a firm that sells safety books to the construction industry seems to be a perfect fit.

Douglas Beale said "We're very excited about this new partnership. I've been reading Neil's book, and am looking forward to implementing some of the strategies he describes in it." 

Neil M. Brown is the founder of the Construction Marketing Association, and author of Tools of the Trade: Modern Marketing for Construction Brands. Neil has been involved in many successful marketing and creative campaigns over the years. 

Source: Msds Catalog Service LLC