MRSI Systems Launches High Speed Die Bonder for Photonics High Volume Manufacturing

MRSI Systems, a leading manufacturer of fully automated, ultra-precision, high speed die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems, is launching a new High Speed Die Bonder, MRSI-HVM3, to support our photonics customers’ high volume manufacturing requirements. The MRSI-HVM3 is in full production and we are shipping to customers worldwide.

Scaling Imperatives

Our customers need to scale up manufacturing to unprecedented levels for advanced applications such as data center, telecommunication upgrades to 100G+, 5G wireless, IoT, and advanced optical sensors. Today, high volume manufacturing of photonic, sensor, and semiconductor devices demands a die bonding system that can deliver industry leading speed without sacrificing high precision and superior flexibility. Our new MRSI-HVM3, a high speed, flexible, 3 micron die bonder, has been built to address this challenge. This new system leverages a well-defined set of MRSI’s core competencies, built up over 30 years, in the areas of system design, software development, machine vision, motion control, industrial automation, and process solutions.

Customer Outcomes

As Dr. Yi Qian, Vice President of Product Management, states, “The new MRSI-HVM3 incorporates the latest hardware and software innovations. Equipped with ultrafast-ramp eutectic stations, it deploys multiple levels of parallel processing utilizing dual gantries, dual heads, dual bonding stages, and “on-the-fly” tool changes. Used across all products, MRSI’s platform software makes it easy for users to change process settings on their own for new parts, new processes, and new products. These features provide our customers with best-in-class throughput for capacity expansion; high accuracy for high-density packaging; and unmatched flexibility for multi-chip multi-process production in one machine. Ultimately the system will generate great ROIs for customers. The MRSI-HVM3 high speed die bonder supports many applications including chip-on-carrier (CoC), chip-on-submount (CoS), and chip-on-baseplate or board (CoB).”

“MRSI Systems has been serving optoelectronic and microelectronic customers for the past 33 years and understands their requirement to scale efficiently in today’s fast paced marketplace. MRSI is pleased to meet these needs with the launch of our new high speed die bonder for high volume manufacturing of photonics packaging,” said Mr. Michael Chalsen, President, MRSI Systems.

Private Demonstrations at CIOE

MRSI Systems is exhibiting at CIOE with our Chinese Representative CYCAD Century Science and Technology (Booth #1C66) in Shenzhen, September 6-9, 2017. There will be private demonstrations of the MRSI-HVM3 performing CoC eutectic and epoxy bonding. Please reach out to your MRSI contact to ensure you have an opportunity to see the capabilities of this exciting new product.

About MRSI Systems

MRSI Systems is a leading manufacturer of fully automated, high-precision, high-speed die bonding and epoxy dispensing systems. We enable customers to optimize the performance of their process including yield, throughput, and uptime by building systems that use our unique expertise. In summary, this includes our proprietary software, proven hardware, deep process knowledge, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and a world-class customer service team. MRSI’s systems are built on common platforms that can be configured to meet specific customer requirements. These platforms are designed to be scalable for R&D prototyping, pilot production and high volume manufacturing. Our solutions deliver the best financial returns in the industry while integrating seamlessly into our customer’s production. Markets include Telecom/Datacom (Data Center), Aerospace & Defense, Medical Devices, Computers and Peripherals, and Industrial. Since 1984, we have been recognized as the standard of the industry, delivering our solutions to leading optoelectronic and microelectronic customers worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Billerica, MA in the greater Boston area. Our sales are supported by a global network of direct service and support professionals, located in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States.
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