MRCOOL Warns Against Insufficient Climate Control for Currency Mining Tech

MRCOOL today issued a warning to amateur cryptocurrency miners about the dangers of improper climate control during the operation of sensitive, high heat electronics. Following the rapid increase in value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, the company noticed increased interest in amateur, at-home crypto mining. While the company makes no comment as to the financial efficacy of such efforts, it strongly encourages at-home operators to ensure their computer mining equipment is properly ventilated and cooled.

“There’s a bunch of issues we see that the average person might not think about,” said Justin Andrews, Vice President of E-Commerce. “Obviously, there’s heat, and that’s what everyone notices first. We’ve seen a lot of DIY guides on YouTube that recommend putting rigs outside with fans blowing over them to cool. Or just bringing in unconditioned outside air. Those methods can control temperature, but they don’t control humidity. Which is not what you want for sensitive electronics.”

Excess humidity inside electronic equipment leads to corrosion growth on exposed metal components. Insufficient humidity is also undesirable, since dry air can lead to excess static electricity, another problem for modern computers. Amateur miners who ignore such problems in an effort to save money are unlikely to do so. Modern HVAC equipment is relatively affordable compared to the cost of replacing corroded mining rig technology.

“Obviously, we recommend MRCOOL equipment,” Andrews continued. “We’re confident our products can perform with the highest efficiency at the best price. However, whether a crypto miner chooses to use MRCOOL products or not, we strongly advise them to climate control their systems. Every time you used unconditioned air to cool electronics, you are gambling. And the thing about gambling is that eventually the house will win.”

About MRCOOL, LLC: MRCOOL is a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning company based in Hickory, KY. Founded in 2014, MRCOOL carries a complete line of residential and commercial heating and cooling products. More information is available at

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