MRCOOL Announces New Tools to Boost Ductless Efficiency

MRCOOL today announced a sophisticated new tool for its award-winning ductless mini-split heat pump products. Known as “Comfy”, this new operating mode for the MRCOOL Smart Controller grants homeowners an unprecedented level of control over their home mini-split heating and cooling system.

“Comfy is about giving the consumer the technology they need to deal with everyday life,” said Devin LaMarre, MRCOOL Media Engineer. “It’s an intuitive feature to help people maintain the comfort they want while saving money. It is also a way to bring the flexibility of a traditional programmable thermostat into a ductless environment.”

According to Devin, Comfy allows the homeowner to use a MRCOOL Smart Controller to set various trigger points for their ductless mini-split. When the interior temperature reaches a predetermined threshold, Comfy can activate any system operating modes. Multiple different ‘triggers’ may be active simultaneously to enable a MRCOOL mini-split to respond autonomously to changing environmental characteristics without homeowner input. 

“The real benefit of Comfy is flexibility. A homeowner can set a low temperature that will activate automatic heating or a high temperature for automatic cooling,” Devin explained. “They can set the Fan mode to turn on when a trigger temperature is achieved. They can even allow the system to switch automatically back and forth between modes without any post-programming input. And this is combined with Alexa and Google Home integration. We can’t wait to get it into customers’ hands.”

Visit to contact MRCOOL for more information or reach out to their media contact: Kyle Davis, 270-366-0457.

Source: MRCOOL


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