MR Solutions Demonstrates Preclinical Multi-modality Imaging Systems in Toronto

MR Solutions, of Guildford, UK, will be exhibiting its preclinical imaging systems at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), in Toronto, from 30 May to 5 June, 2015.

UK-based MR Solutions will be demonstrating its latest commercially available cryogen-free multi-modality preclinical MRI imaging systems at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM). This is being held in Toronto from 30 May to 5 June, 2015. The preclinical range, which is commercially available, includes the cryogen-free 3T, 4.7T and 7T MRI systems.

MR Solutions has developed multi-modality preclinical imaging systems so the need for separate systems is no longer necessary. PET-MRI and SPECT-MRI imaging modules can either be inserted or clipped-on according to system configuration. PET-MRI and SPECT-MRI imaging can be carried out with independent acquisition of data, or sequential acquisition, or simultaneous acquisition.

We are always looking at ways to go one step further and have developed multi-modality technology incorporating SPECT and PET, with optical technology also due. Now that multi-modality technology can be used in the same room it makes it so much easier for researchers to produce multifaceted research results. These multi-modality systems will be demonstrated on booth 523 at the ISMRM.

Dr David Taylor, CEO

Multi-modality imaging will become the norm for the study of anatomy, bio-distribution, efficacy, safety and kinetics within the same anatomical context. It is very important for several reasons: firstly, it can speed up workflow within a laboratory as modalities can be used at the same time and secondly, more accurate results can be obtained when imaging is done at the same time. Gone are the days when a researcher has to wait for a second imaging system to compare results.

MR Solutions, of Guildford, Surrey, in the UK, has over 30 years’ experience and in excess of 1000 installations across the world. Its scanners are renowned for their excellence in terms of superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging ability. Operating out of offices in the UK, USA and with distributors in all the major markets, maintenance and service coverage is offered across the globe.

MR Solutions has its global headquarters at Ashbourne House, The Guildway, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1LR; tel: + 44 1483 532146;;​

Note: The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine is a non-profit association for the development and application of magnetic resonance techniques.

About MR Solutions

MR SOLUTIONS is an independent world leader in MRI technology, developer and manufacturer of the world's first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), preclinical benchtop MRI systems.

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