Mr. Payday Now Offers First Loan Interest Free - For a Limited Time Only

Canadian online short term loan provider, Mr. Payday, is now offering first loans interest free to first time customers, even to those with no credit or poor credit.

Mr. Payday, a leading provider of short term loans in Canada, now offers the first loan interest free to first time customers, the company has announced. Available for just a limited time, the loan can be approved regardless of credit history, poor credit, or if someone has no credit. New customers can therefore take advantage of a 99% loan approval rate.

A leader in the online short term loan industry, Mr. Payday is both reputable and a direct lender allowing it to be completive among many other providers. It has built a strong reputation since the company's opening in 2002. Meanwhile, new customers can apply online and returning customers can log in to manage their account.

During each transaction, SSL technology is used to protect personal information. Once the loan is approved, funds are deposited in the bank in as little as 30 minute's time. Certain conditions apply, such as a requirement to be employed for at least three consecutive months to qualify for a bad credit loan. Direct deposit must be set up with an employer and the customer must have a checking account. A phone number is needed in case Mr. Payday has to contact the customer.

Interest rates are competitive. Customers also have a free account that can be set up without hassle. It has never been easier to borrow money and it doesn't matter if the customer has bad credit, has filed bankruptcy, or was rejected for a personal loan. One can pay an unexpected expense or choose to avoid the hassle of a bank loan.

New customers are at an advantage because they do not have to pay interest on the first loan, saving them even more money. To take advantage of this offer, for a limited time, and learn about the company's expert and reputable services, go to


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