Mr. Jatin Ahuja - Meet the Man Behind Big Boy Toyz

An insight of the man behind Big Boy Toyz, the leading player in the pre-owned exotic car segment in India.

Not so long ago, in the year 2003, at a ripe age of 17 years, when the boys of his age were focused on which fancy college to choose after graduating from their High School, the visionary Jatin Ahuja began with putting the idea to work of bringing those premium automobiles to the Indian shores that were not yet present in India through dealership. With the high-end car market scaling up and with a strong determination of turning the dreams to reality, Mr. Jatin Ahuja, an automobile engineer, instated Magus Cars Ltd.  With strong and ethical business practice the company successfully entrenched him as a major contributor towards the estimated growth figure of 15 percent of the luxury cars’ retail in the country.

And then, around half a decade ago, in 2009 the brand Big Boy Toyz was launched. The company specializes in bringing the premium exotics to the car aficionados from all across the country. Carrying the same legacy of commitment towards strong customer service and passion towards automobiles, Jatin Ahuja has been playing the multi-faceted role. Along with spearheading business strategies & overseeing operations, he keenly works with associates within India and abroad, as well as personally handling his marquee clients.

Jatin Ahuja’s ability to see beyond the bend has borne fruits and today, lovers of luxury cars from all across the country look upon Big Boy Toyz for genuine, rare-to-find and reliable buys. The company’s credible performance stands a testimonial in itself. While the automobile market in India is barely managing an average annual growth rate of not more than 15%, Big Boy Toyz has grabbed the attention of all by recording a strong growth rate of whooping 40%, a figure which became possible owing to the Company’s Mantra of being Customer Centric. Today Magus Cars and Big Boy Toyz are synonyms to Key Players in the organized retail business of premium exotic cars in the country.

With the ambition of the brand’s expansion, Jatin Ahuja has plans to launch Big Boy Toyz studios through the length and breadth of the country. The new outlets shall stay true to the core philosophy of the brand – To provide an experience and product that cannot be matched by the competition. 


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