Mr. Barrie Visited Vtops for Auger Filling Machine on Dec. 14, 2019

Mr. Barrie Nodi is a food company owner from the United States, visited Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd on Dec. 14, 2019. The main purpose of his trip was to verify the quality of the auger filler machine of Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co Ltd. And learn how to operate the auger filler machine, for example, how to set the weight, how to replace the screws and other basic operations.

Ms. Lisa Yue is the a supervisor of Zhengzhou Vtops Machine Co. Ltd, she met Mr. Barrie in the Vtops factory as planned on Dec. 14, 2019. 

At first, the Vtops technical staff set 100 g and 5000 g separately pack wheat flour in pouches. The auger filler machine run very well with a superior accuracy. Mr. Barrie quickly learned how to operate it in a shortly time, and praised the filling accuracy of the auger filling machine.

It is understood that this auger filling machines tested is an upgraded model of year 2019. Lisa Yue told us: "It adds a lot of features, such as the monitor-able hopper allows us to observe the amount of material in the hopper any time; volume filling and net weight filling are combined in one depends on your needs. Vtops has been working hard to make our machines easier to operate and better quality."

Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou of China. The company designs and manufactures Auger Fillers, Vibratory Fillers, Piston Fillers and other packaging machines for decades.

Source: Zhengzhou Vtops Machinery Co., Ltd.


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