MPC Cleaner - Comprehensive PC Junk Cleaner, Effective Speed Optimizer and Internet Browser Protector

To introduce a new PC cleaner & optimizer software

​MPC (Most Powerful Cleaner) is a Cleaner, Optimizer & Protector 3in1 software to ensure a computer with sufficient space, the fastest speed and fast internet browsing experience.

Although there are various types of PC Cleaners available in the market today, MPC Cleaner as a new bird and it is different from existing cleaners. MPC Cleaner enables the easiest way to finish the optimization of computer with the least steps.

‘Make everything be simple,’said Michael Cheung, technical director of MPC Cleaner. When using MPC Cleaner, the most impressive part at a glance is the modern flat UI design with only three buttons on the home page. The corresponding feature of these three buttons is Speed Optimizer, Junk File Cleaner and Internet Browser Protector. MPC Cleaner is designed as two clicks to finish the optimization process for each category. The reason for the flat UI design is to ensure that users with no matter what level of computing knowledge, have absolutely no problem while using MPC Cleaner. In meanwhile, other types of Cleaners in the market prefer to offer a maximized level of customizable functions with a lot of selections. However, most of the users would not concern about what task is needed to be optimized, but are sensitive about when the process can be finished and if there is a satisfied result. 

It does not mean that MPC Cleaner is unable to satisfy advanced computer users. Each category is subdivided into different tasks where details can be viewed if users click and expand a particular task. For example, MPC provides a comprehensive junk file cleaning feature which includes System Cache, Web Cache, Social Software Junk, Video & Audio Junk, Game Junk and etc. Benefited by the powerful scanning range, MPC Cleaner is no doubt to be one of the top softwares in the cleaning software market.

Many users might not be aware of the real reason why a computer is getting slower and slower after a while. It is because most applications set an auto-startup in the process of update and installation, users seldom notice them. As the startup items accumulate, they worsen the computer performance significantly and seriously harm user's experience. Generally, startup items consist of Windows service, scheduled task and startup items. MPC Cleaner provides a feature to identify more than ten millions unnecessary items and prohibit them in order to restore and refreshed a computer, so it can look like you’ve  just bought it.

MPC Cleaner also provides the function of one-click real-time Internet Browser Protector. When the protector is running, illegal modifications such as ones that change your default browser, home page and search engine, will be prohibited. Furthermore, the malicious websites will be blocked by MPC Cleaner to protect your browser security.

Unlike other Cleaners available in the market, MPC Cleaner provides a comprehensive solution to maximize the computer running speed and improve the internet browsing experience.

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