Moxie Motion Pictures Inc Announces That Emerging Filipina Canadian, Model/Actress, Aida King Will Join Star Studded Casts in International Film Production.

Moxie Motion Pictures Inc, and it's CEO, Christopher Broughton, is pleased to announce that they have signed Model/Actress, Aida King For International Film Production. Aida King will appear in several upcoming Moxie Motion Picture Films. The first international production deal filming this fall will be "LIVE".

Moxie Motion Pictures Inc, CEO Christopher Broughton reports that Model/Actress Aida King has begun filming the Trailer for the Movie, LIVE. The Trailer is currently being shot in Thailand with some scenes in Los Angeles.  The Movie, will be shot in 2016 in Thailand or the Philippines. Aida King has been signed in a five picture deal, with incentives to develop and integrate her talent with established stars. Moxie CEO, Christopher Broughton says, " There is a need for more diversity in the talent that that is being groomed for film and television. Aida King is an emerging acting talent and we look forward to developing her on screen, but she can transform into so many different looks and ethnicities. " 


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