Moxie Marketing, Inc. Spreads Cheer During the Holidays

Team members at Moxie Marketing, Inc. had a chance to discover how it feels to be jolly old St. Nick over the holiday season. As part of their efforts to give back to the community, they adopted families to whom they delivered gifts.

“Our company culture is strong on philanthropy,” said Morgan, Moxie Marketing, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “The holiday season requires more all-in efforts to ensure everyone’s spirits are bright.”

The Moxie Marketing, Inc. team coordinated their giveback to the Fort Worth community through Met Church. The church connected the team with two youngsters who might otherwise have missed out on a happy holiday.

"I think even Santa would be pleased with our efforts,"

Morgan, Director of Operations

Given their direction, Morgan explained that the team began collecting donations for nine-year-old Yuna and seven-year-old Steven. “We gathered gifts to put under the tree for these two cuties,” she stated. “Our team had fun selecting the presents, too, which included an awesome bike. It definitely was a pleasure to take part in such a rewarding effort.”

Morgan explained that the group felt confident that they had made both children’s holiday special. “I think even Santa would be pleased with our efforts,” she said. “Knowing that we put smiles on two faces was a gift to us.”

Moxie Marketing, Inc. Managers Describe How Giving Back Builds Teams

Morgan shared that when the Moxie Marketing, Inc. team pulls together to volunteer, there’s a certain synergy. “We get into a groove when we’re working together for a great cause,” she said. “There’s something about giving back that really brings out the best in us.”

“We strive to make our philanthropic activities meaningful to everyone,” Morgan noted. “To do so, we involve our associates in the selection process. We ask them what causes are particularly close to their hearts and try to find opportunities that engage everyone.”

As Morgan noted, the team sets goals for giving back in a similar way to how they approach campaigns. “We work with organizations to determine what would benefit them the most. Next, we establish measurable metrics and strategies,” she added. “We track our progress and celebrate victories.”

“There’s a definite satisfaction in helping others in our community,” Morgan concluded. “Whether we help hundreds of people, or two special individuals, we know it’s something important that we did together. The memories stay with our team for a long time, and I’m confident we’ll be making more happy memories in the coming months.”

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