Moxie Consultants Opens New Office in Norfolk

The management of Moxie Consultants announced that the firm has officially expanded operations into Norfolk, Virginia. Along with new opportunities for customer acquisition business, the company is hiring.

​Jasmine N. has been appointed the Director of Operations for Moxie Consultants. “I’m thrilled to open this business and anxious to get started on building our partner base as well as our team,” she said. “There is considerable growth potential in this region for home improvement and in-home entertainment. We look forward to ensuring these companies benefit from our experience in one-on-one consultations which will drive their success.”

Opening a new office is also a great chance for ambitious professionals to become part of a thriving team. “Moxie Consultants is where the brightest minds in customer acquisitions can gather and learn from each other, as well as our seasoned pros who provide one-on-one coaching,” Jasmine said. “We look for people with diverse backgrounds to join us on this new endeavor. Tons of experience isn’t necessary since we primarily look for people who will be good cultural fits with our current group. In other words, we give preference to candidates who possess positive attitudes, like to collaborate, and enjoy learning. Our training program fills in the basics anyone needs to excel with us, provided they have the right mind-set.”

For those who do succeed in their earliest days, Jasmine assures the opportunities are endless. “If someone has drive and determination, he or she has what it takes to build a strong career with us,” she added. “We provide numerous resources and professional paths that suit different ambitions.”

Moxie Consultants’ Director of Operations Describes Plans for Early Days of Operation

In addition to hiring and training new team members to add to the Moxie Consultants roster, Jasmine will be busy coordinating all the work needed with this expansion so she can launch a successful operation. “There’s a lot of planning involved,” she noted. “First and foremost, we need to set our goals to meet our long-term and short-term visions. Our objectives are shared, with room for individual goals as well so that each person has a chance to advance with our company.”

Campaign creation is a new experience for the team to work on together. “We’re in a different market, with unique needs to address,” Jasmine explained. “This endeavor will require us to put all the training we’ve had to date to develop customized solutions that get the results our firm has earned a reputation for achieving.”

“We’re all excited about this move and what’s in store for the future,” Jasmine said. “It’s a brand new day here at Moxie Consultants and we can’t wait to make good things happen.”

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Moxie Consultants, Inc. leads in customer acquisitions for today’s top telecom and local home improvement brands. Their bold approach pivots on one-on-one consultations that rapidly build awareness for their partners. They connect homeowners with customized in-home entertainment and fiber-optics packages and assess the needs of homeowners in selecting service providers for their improvement projects. The firm’s professionals use personalized solutions based on individual insights to ensure ideal connections. With each swiftly created campaign, Moxie Consultants, Inc.’s team provides the value and conversion results companies need for sustained growth. Learn more about their progress by visiting

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