Motorcycle Fans Welcome a Rebellious New Line of Rear Window Decals: The Outlaw Series by Custom Vinyl Graphics

Everyone has seen the American flag decal on the back of a pickup truck. Although it shows patriotism, an American flag does not show off the driver’s personality, which is difficult to do on roads filled with lanes of the same cars. And although hundreds of rear window graphics are available, many portray common depictions, such as flowers, flags, wording or families. That is, until now. Custom Vinyl Graphics saw a need for a dark, sinister, evil series of graphics that would appeal to customers with a darker personality. And so, Custom Vinyl Graphics, a Long Island-based custom decal company, has successfully released their "Outlaw Series," a line of rear window decals.

In business for over fifteen years, Custom Vinyl Graphics has paved the way in its industry with its product quality and customer service. The release of the Outlaw Series decals is filling a large gap in the decal market - rear window graphics targeted at the large population of motorcycle enthusiasts across the country. Custom Vinyl Graphics now adds this custom series of rear window decals to an already impressive list of vinyl decals for cars, boats and walls.  Portraying skulls, chains and motorcycles, the decals have names like “Hand of Doom” and messages like “Born to Ride.” Customers and fans of these decals have called them "original and exciting," "bad ass," and "what I always wanted but could not find," to name a few.

Owner Leanne Arnold is thrilled at the release of these decals and the popularity they have had with consumers. "At Custom Vinyl Graphics, we strive to provide our customers with top-quality window decals," she began. "With the officially licensed Harley-Davidson themed rear window decals having recently been discontinued, we saw a hole in the market that needed to be filled. That is how the 'Outlaw Series' was born.  And since then, to our delight, it has completely taken off. We are so thrilled to offer these unique and beautifully rebellious decals, and the customers seem to be as well.  We cannot wait to see where this goes!"

These decals are currently sold exclusively on the Custom Vinyl Graphics website:

Source: Custom Vinyl Graphics


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