Motivosity Lands a Spot on G2's List of Best Software for 2022

Hear anything exciting lately? No? Well, now it's time to celebrate Motivosity's placement on G2's list of the Top 50 Best HR Software for 2022.

Being in the Top 50 for all HR Software is not only exciting in its own right, but it's particularly special because of how Motivosity got onto the list. G2 is a website that gathers and analyzes data about software based on users of that software. This means that it was customers that catapulted Motivosity's stardom. Motivosity can rave about the platform all they want, but to have so many avid fans of Motivosity, outside of Motivosity, is truly special. 

"To quote Snoop Dog... 'We'd like to thank us. We want to thank us for believing in us and doing all this hard work.' Clearly just kidding, but we're thrilled to be recognized for the impact Motivosity is causing in the HR tech world. Frankly, it's not about awards or tech-stacks, it's about making people happier at work, and the very best way to do that is to recognize team members' day-to-day efforts. Everyone at Motivosity is so happy to be part of that," says Logan Mallory, VP of Marketing.

Being ranked in the top 50 in this category, "Best HR Software" speaks to many things. This prompts a dive into the many things HR is responsible for at a company: payroll, talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, etc., and then there is culture and engaging employees, and that is where Motivosity plays. "At Motivosity we only build things that help people be happy at work, so we take pride in running all of our designs through the smile filter," says Chris Johnson, Product Designer. "I love that we can turn down solutions or features that won't brighten a day or have a meaningful impact." 

Motivosity is dedicated to their mission and has a big focus on bringing the human aspect into work. It's this philosophy and focus on the human aspect of work that ensures their product is always creating an impact for users. After all, companies don't win recognition like this if users don't love them.

About Motivosity

Motivosity is an employee-recognition and -feedback software that is centered around the mission to help people be happier at work. From the way they've coached their customers to build amazing cultures, everything they do is designed around this vision. Their four products - Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen - work seamlessly together to bring this goodness to your great company. Motivosity customers experience a 95%+ user engagement rate. Take a closer look at

About G2

See the full G2 list here. G2 is the world's largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential. At G2, they aim to be a trusted source that helps every business professional in the world make better technology decisions. Find out more at

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