Motivating Students to Overcome Mid-Year Fatigue

Both parents and teachers play an important role in helping to keep children motivated and engaged at school so they can perform at their best.

Haileybury - Private School Melbourne

As the second half of the school year progresses, the energy and motivation of even the most resilient of students can start to wane. As one of the leading private schools Melbourne wide, Haileybury, points out that there is still a lot of learning to be done and plenty of assignments, exams and assessments to complete before reaching the end of the year.

Staying motivated can dramatically improve productivity, performance and results, so it's important for both parents and teachers to actively play a part in encouraging students to remain focused. As snap lockdowns continue around the country forcing most students to attend school virtually, it can be hard for children to maintain a healthy and happy balance between school and life outside of the virtual classroom.

With a reputation as the best private school Melbourne wide, Haileybury encourages parents to support their children to make time for exercise and stick to a routine. It can be fun for the whole family to engage in activities together. When weather permits, getting outdoors is ideal and parents should encourage children to stay off digital devices and social media when out in nature as this allows them to be present in the moment.

When students have exams and assignments, they will likely spend long hours revising and studying, so Haileybury says it is important for parents to ensure children are maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, including eating well, staying hydrated, exercising and getting enough sleep.

Haileybury says it is important to remind children to be kind to themselves and celebrate success, while also helping them to understand what they can build on.

For senior students, it is imperative that parents keep communication open about the future, helping students to establish their goals and motivations for studying. Haileybury recommends families take part in open days and other events held by universities and training organisations. When students can see the relevance of what they are studying at school and how it connects to post-school options, they are more likely to feel motivated and engaged.

As one of the most elite private schools Melbourne wide, Haileybury works closely with both students and their parents to keep them focused, with a positive mindset throughout the school year, which they say is an important step to set children up for future success.

Source: Haileybury


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