Most Visited Ancient Sites List Was Published by Popular Travel App Visited

List of Top 25 Ancient Sites was released by Visited, to showcase the most visited places in the world. The travel app allows users to map their travel, create a custom travel bucket list and discover new destinations.

Most Visited Ancient Sites

Visited App, the popular travel app, which has over 2 million users, has published a list of Top 25 Most Visited Ancient Sites. Visited is the ultimate travel bucket list and personalized map app, which is owned by Arriving In High Heels Corporation. The Ancient Sites list is part of the travel list feature, which has over 150 lists based on different travel categories, experiences and types of travel users like to do. Examples of popular lists include: 

  • Culinary Experiences
  • World Wonders
  • Cruise Ports
  • Family Destinations 
  • Art Museums and more… 

In the app, users select where they have been or wish to travel to. The results are displayed on a personalized travel map, with travel stats, and as part of individual travelers' bucket list.  

The ultimate Ancient Sites list is found inside the Visited app, available to download on iOS and Android for free. The most visited Ancient Sites list includes: 

  1. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
  2. Acropolis, Athens, Greece
  3. Pompeii, Italy
  4. Pantheon, Rome, Italy
  5. Roman Forum, Rome, Italy 

For a full list of Ancient Sites and other travel lists, download Visited on iOS or Android

About Visited Travel App

Visited is a travel app, which allows users to map their journeys, print a personalized travel map, see personalized stats, plan their next trip and check off famous places and experiences from travel lists. The app’s goal is to help international travelers remember their travel journeys and discover new places. The map feature maps all countries, regions/states, cities and places of interest that they have been to or wish to go to in the future. The travel lists help users discover new places by categories and popularity, check off places off their bucket list and add new ones to their travel itinerary. For those who are data-driven, the app showcases travel stats that are unique to each user. 

The travel app is available in 30 languages and is available on iOS or Android, and is free to download.

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About Arriving In High Heels Corporation
Arriving In High Heels Corporation is a mobile app company with apps including Pay Off Debt, X-Walk and Visited, their most popular app. 

Visited app has travel stats that are unique to the travel industry with a sample of travel stats reported on their annual travel report.  

Source: Arriving In High Heels Corporation