Most Trusted Commercial Construction B2B Debt Collection Agency is Funding More Construction Jobs in the USA Than Any Other Agency or Law Firm

The Murkin Group changes the way companies are viewing their current collection agency efforts

The Murkin Group, LLC

Funding for contractors and suppliers is at an all-time low with banks not lending money as freely.

The Murkin Group has continued to find more creative ways to minimize the overall cost to its clients, and have truly been changing the scope of the debt collection industry for the past four years. With their rapid growth across the United States and now with three offices, they are poised to infuse more working capital back into their client’s bottom lines and increase the overall working cash flow.

Being considered a partner with a business is a great honor and privilege, but maintaining and growing the relationship is the main priority of The Murkin Group.

Mike Manies, CEO of The Murkin Group

Without the need for predatory lending options to equipment dealers, building material suppliers, and sub-contractors this agency has been able to provide over 10 Million dollars’ worth of new working capital into First Quarter reporting for small businesses and large corporations.

Heavy equipment dealers such as Texas First Rentals a subsidiary of Holt Cat, Ohio Cat, Altorfer Cat & Louisiana Cat. The Murkin Group continues to build relationships with the largest equipment dealers across the USA & Canada.

Concrete & Ready Mix Companies such as Manatts Concrete, Bleigh Ready Mix & Croell Redi-Mix continue to allow the team at The Murkin Group to help lower their bad debt write-offs they had historically faced.

The Collection Industry Just Got a Real Makeover & The Murkin Group Is Leading The Race

With the most proactive and interactive website in the industry of debt collection, The Murkin Group assists their client’s with far more than just collection services. Their technology allows a level of transparency foreign to their competitors, who seem to prefer keeping client’s in the dark. Clients of The Murkin Group are provided all the tools they need internally and externally to minimize the credit risk from day one.

Companies that utilize the services of The Murkin Group are comfortable referring their own customers for assistance and do so quite commonly. By treating client customers (former and current) with respect and assisting them with outstanding receivable issues, The Murkin Group places great emphasis on putting the customer/debtor relationship back on the correct path to continued success.

There is no need to alienate customers and hinder future opportunities just to collect money that is owed today - let one of the highly trained and skilled professionals show you the right way to liquidate your receivables into working capital today.

ASK MURKIN will help answer some of the basic questions you may be faced with at this very moment.

The Murkin Group was established in 2013. It has already started to build alliances with organizations such as the Illinois Lumber-Material Dealers Association which voted unanimously to The Murkin Group now being the sole and preferred supplier for Lumber Yards across the State of Illinois and neighboring States.  The Murkin Group has built its foundation of the backbone of the construction industry. The Murkin group prides itself on being able to supply jobs and change lives in the communities of Largo Florida, Clinton Illinois, and Rapid City South Dakota.

The Murkin Group's mission statement is "To exceed client expectations by providing outstanding service and solutions to credit and collection professionals throughout the World, and truly change the perception of our industry one client at a time."  


Curtis Fort

ILMDA – Preferred Vendor
NRMCA – BAC  Committee Member
American Rental Association (ARA)-Associate Member


The Murkin Group, LLC
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The Murkin Group
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