Moshpit XR Studios Participates With Microsoft at GDC 2019

Moshpit being played at GDC'19

Moshpit XR Studios, a virtual reality music-gaming studio, participated with Microsoft at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, California.

Microsoft recently developed an innovative VR audio-solution, “Project Acoustics,” where reflections and occlusion are “baked” into the gaming environment. This saves audio programmers from creating multiples of some unreliable reverb-zones and relieves the computer of expensive computational tasks.

In October 2018, Moshpit XR Studios’ audio lead Roy Salguero began beta-testing the Microsoft audio solution, as Microsoft’s team figured the large concert arenas in Moshpit VR would make a great testing environment. It pushed the limits of the “Project Acoustics” software for calculating the many unique audio reflections heard in loud concert arenas.  

The Microsoft team requested to use Moshpit as a public demonstration piece at 2019 GDC. Much was gleaned from GDC participants, as Moshpit was on display at the Microsoft booth. The cooperation between Moshpit XR Studios and Microsoft has established a relationship for continued innovative spatialized audio-solution applications.​

Moshpit XR Studios is releasing public, virtual concert venues and is also developing proprietary technology to allow artists to participate and perform in Moshpit.

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