Morpheus.Network Joins Hands With GEC DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon

Supply chain SaaS platform Morpheus.Network has announced its partnership with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC)

 Supply chain SaaS platform Morpheus.Network has announced its partnership with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Calgary-based intellectual property, manufacturing and logistics firm that was founded in June 2015 by CEO Samuel Reid. GEC was founded with a mission to invent renewable energy technologies. GEC has 4 subsidiaries: Geometric Space, GeometricLabs, Geometric Medical, and Geometric Gaming.

In May 2021, GEC announced the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon. The mission was paid for entirely with DOGE, making it the first-ever commercial lunar payload  to be funded with cryptocurrency. As a part of the DOGE-1 mission, GEC is sending a Cubesat (a cube-shaped, miniature satellite) to lunar orbit to gather spatial data with its on-board data sensors and cameras. 

Morpheus.Network will assist GEC In:

  • Document handling system for certification.
  • Assurance of authenticity in space parts
  • Added machine learning to improve demand forecasting, procurement management and maintenance scheduling

"Morpheus.Network is achieving remarkable adoption with enterprises, port systems and more! Geometric Energy Corporation adds to the list of projects and partners. I'm excited to be part of the journey!" — Roger Crook, Team Lead for Global Logistics Morpheus.Network

Morpheus.Network and GEC will work together towards the common goal of demonstrating the application of cryptocurrency and groundbreaking technologies beyond the Earth.  The supply chain management platform will help GEC with the automation of logistical processes as well as certification of parts for the project, and other optimizations that could be vital for the mission's success. 

"The ambitious GEC team has achieved significant success in inventing renewable energy technologies with a futuristic approach. The role of Xi protocol in connecting space infrastructure to distributed ledger technology is a groundbreaking innovation. We are excited to work with Samuel Reid and his team on all projects, but especially the ambitious space projects." - Dan Weinberger, CEO Morpheus.Network

"XI Protocol is looking forward to collaborating with Morpheus.Network on bringing oracle data and distributed ledger technology space infrastructure to web3 users for SATCOM data rewards and supply chain applications." - Samuel Reid, CEO Geometric Energy, Founder XI Protocol

In the coming weeks and months, Morpheus.Network will be collaborating with several other space tech firms. It will help GEC. The firm will help GEC remove barriers to optimize and automate the space supply chain operations through digitization and process automation.


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