Monvera Glass Decor Expands Full Service Bottle Etching Department

Monvera Glass Decor expands their in-house etching services to accelerate growth.

Monvera Glass Decor, a provider of screen printed labels to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, expanded a new full service bottle etching facility at the company's current location in Point Richmond. All customers can now have their bottles etched and painted in addition to printing on glass. Etching is a unique way to decorate bottles and much like screen printing, the results are permanent. Each bottle is individually hand etched and then painted with the chosen art. The process is suitable for small and large production runs and for all bottle types including large format bottles that range from 1.5L to 27L in size. The bottles can be etched with a label, a logo or even a corporate name.

Caitriona Anderson, Monvera's VP of Sales & Marketing notes, "Many of our customers need etching services in addition to bottle silk screening. Etched wine bottles can serve many functions such as a gift at a special event or charity auction, anniversary or holiday celebrations and wine club promotions. Etched bottles are blackened (to give the appearance of being full) then finished with a colored wax. They can be used for many purposes such as tasting room decorations and for display at promotional events and partner restaurants. Wineries should think about how they are marketing themselves and how etched bottles can be part of their tool kit. This is something that we have wanted to offer for a long time and we're extremely happy to be in a position to do so now."

About Monvera Glass Decor:
Monvera provides a range of bottle decoration and glass printing solutions to the wine, spirits, beverage and food market segments. Clients include Charles Krug, Honig Vineyard and Winery, and Boisset Family Estates. In addition, Monvera offers screen printed wine glasses in collaboration with it's various partners. To learn more about Monvera visit

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