Monvera Glass Decor and California Crystal Announces New Partnership

Monvera Glass Decor has announced plans to link related service offerings with California Crystal.

Monvera Glass Decor, a decorator specializing in wine bottle printing, is pleased to announce a new relationship with California Crystal. To make it easy for customers to order excellent quality decorated stemware, the two companies will be integrating their processes together to provide high quality, screen printed stemware for wineries and special events.

"In addition to screen printing and wine bottle etching our customers need us to provide them with decorated stemware for their tasting room and events." says Caitriona Anderson, Monvera's VP of Sales & Marketing. "We can print on wine bottles as well as print on stemware. All wineries and event planers are making sure that as we head into the busy summer season, they will have a reliable source of quality stemware that can be decorated and be affordable as well. A wide range of different color inks are available and we can print more than one color if needed. However, the most popular look that customers' want for their stemware is the 'etched look', which is achieved by screen printing glasses with a satin frost ink. We can also help our customers decorate their tasting rooms by etching wine bottles for display.

Jen Turner, General Manager of California Crystal agrees, "Our goal is to offer a wide range of high quality decorated stemware and provide fast and efficient service to our clients. Monvera has an excellent reputation for screen printing wine bottles and stemware. We have already received our first shipment of glass from the Czech Republic and I'm happy to be able to bring back the very popular Bohemia Crystal range of glass to all the customers that I have worked with over the years. Crystalex CZ, the manufacture of the Bohemia glass offers us the security of a steady supply chain so that we can meet all of our customers' demands. I'm delighted that we have been able to partner with Monvera as our glass decorator of choice and we expect to see a very positive reaction in the marketplace to this new product offering."

About Monvera Glass Decor:
Monvera provides industry leading glass decoration services such as screen printing, bottle etching and decals to the wine & spirits, beer, cosmetics, specialty food and beverage industries. Clients include Boisset Family Estates, Frank-Lin Distillers, Garrett Markenson Coiffure and Veronica Foods. To learn more about Monvera, visit

About California Crystal :
California Crystal, a division of Crystalex CZ is the leading importer of fine stemware and decanters from the Czech Republic. They are the exclusive distributor for the Bohemia Crystal line of glass, featuring high quality lead free crystal with a sheer rim.

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