Montana Farmers Development Group Set to Begin Its 2020 Season

An industrial hemp supply chain solution, ushering in the first major opportunity of its kind for Montana Agriculture, is ready for the 2020 season.

Montana Farmers Development Group

​Montana Farmers Development Group LLC (MFDG) is set to begin planting this spring with their strategic partner, Tyson Ranch LLC, an emerging leader in the newly legalized industrial hemp agricultural industry. Tyson Ranch has developed a state-of-the art cannabidiol (CBD) processing facility in Murfreesboro, TN with the expertise to process raw hemp biomass for CBD extraction that meets the scale and rigorous regulatory standards of Fortune 500 companies who are developing CBD products for consumers internationally.

"We at the Tyson Group are excited to be working with MFDG as our company's Preferred Supplier of CBD industrial hemp. In order for us to keep pace with the increasing demands of our wholesale customers' CBD isolate requirements, in addition to the needs for our own brands, we require reliable and steady sources of the highest quality hemp biomass. Our alliance with MFDG helps ensure that all of our orders for high-quality CBD hemp biomass will be consistently filled," said Rob Hickman, CEO of The Ranch Companies.

Hemp agribusiness is one of the most exciting opportunities to emerge for the Montana agricultural community in decades, and MFDG will provide growers with the support and industry connections needed to thrive in this burgeoning segment.

For several years, MFDG Chief Agronomist Grant Briggs has been leading crop diversification strategies for 22 farms throughout Montana, comprising of 200,000+ acres of farmland uniquely suited for hemp farming. Grant joined the team because "MFDG saw the challenges we faced as farmers in Montana and worked diligently to find long-term solutions for our local agribusiness throughout the growing process and supply chain: from seed to sale." The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized industrial hemp farming and Montana led the country as the #1 state for acres planted that year within an emerging market projected to grow by 400% in the next four years. The state of Montana is well-positioned to take advantage of this market growth due to its ideal climate and soil conditions, combined with the expertise of multigenerational farmers.

"What I have witnessed over the past two years since the 2017 pilot project, when the USDA first allowed farmers to legally grow hemp in the U.S., there's been a lot of tough lessons learned," said Kelly Lennington, one of MFDG's 2020 hemp growing partners, "So we are lucky to be working with a partner like MFDG who has brought us a strategic plan and secured the buyer—that's the game-changer."

About Montana Farmers Development Group LLC

Montana Farmers Development Group LLC is a collective of experienced professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities surrounding the Montana farming community. By aligning with key industry players, MFDG provides their clients with the resources and opportunities needed to develop a long-term, sustainable, and profitable hemp agribusiness to last beyond the immediate "green rush."

The company offers a range of supply chain and business services for growers to implement successful strategies with local affiliates, leading companies and experts.

About Tyson Ranch

Tyson Ranch was founded by Mike Tyson with consistency and quality at the core of their company's mission. Through select partnerships, Tyson Ranch proudly supports the industries very best while also leveraging in-house extraction capabilities to produce 'Better CBD' for the masses. Tyson Ranch is also an entertainment and real estate development company dedicated to expanding business enterprises in the industry.

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About Montana Farmers Development Group

Montana Farmers Development Group LLC is a collective of expert professionals providing clients and farmers with the necessary resources and opportunities to develop a long-term, sustainable, and profitable hemp agribusiness.

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