Monster Trading Systems To Launch New Product During Festivals Of Speed In Orlando

Monster Trading Systems, makers of the most comprehensive line of trend trading software will be launching Trade Warrior, a comprehensive new product that includes a robust trading station complete with six monitors and a powerful trading computer.

Trade Warrior, Monster Trading Systems' new comprehensive trading suite, will be introduced and sold at the
Festivals of Speed Event in Orlando this coming October.

The new product will feature the complete line of Monster Trading Systems' proven software, packaged together in one suite for the first time. It will include Stock Boss, Sniper Trader, Monster ETF, Forex Dominator, Bull Master and Heatseeker. Hardware will also be included in the Trade Warrior product, giving the buyer a true turnkey trading platform. The hardware includes six monitors and a robust trading computer.

With the Trade Warrior, trend traders will be able to deploy a platform that allows them to locate inexpensive stocks and trade them for significant returns. This functionality is made available by Stock Boss, which on its own has been helping traders find opportunities in cheap stocks, which are often overlooked by traders seeking bigger action. Those who prefer to practice swing trading one trade at a time will be accommodated by Sniper Trader, which actively searches for opportunities to trade stocks in the $3 range.

Trade Warrior also features Monster ETF, which is perfect for traders who want to work with a diversified instrument. Monster ETF only trades ETFs, and its approach to making money is to look for long term trending moves across more than 700 ETFs. Those ETFs that go against the trend are quickly dropped, and the winners are allowed to continue running. Trend traders with a penchant for trading Forex pairs need not jeopardize their sleep pattern because Forex Dominator, the fourth product in the Trade Warrior suite, will handle Forex transactions twenty four hours a day, and seven days a week if need be.

Investor's Business Daily fans will be pleased to know that Trade Warrior includes Bull Master 2.5, the automated trader that handles it all for the IBD trader or investor. The entire suite leverages the power of Heatseeker, an automated system that tracks the flow of money into and out of sectors, stocks, ETFs and forex pairs. This information is employed by each component of Trade Warrior to ascertain those opportunities that arise out of trending as well as those that are breaking-out.

Collectively, the entire line of software, coupled with a commanding hardware platform marketed under the Trade Warrior name is a compelling product that offers consumers a true turnkey trading system in a box. "Trend traders will be happy to hear that we have packaged our entire library of trading tools into one package, and designed a hardware system to go along with it, so traders can quickly get up to speed and begin dissecting the market," notes David Stephenson, founder of Monster Trading Systems. Some of the proceeds from the sale at the Festivals of Speed will be donated to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Monster Trading Systems helps the trend-following trader conquer the Markets by providing a series of time tested, market proven Systems and automation tools. With a solution for nearly all markets imaginable, Monster Trading Systems ensures that they can be of service to traders of all types.

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